Central Vacuum Overview

Durable, Quality Construction

Vacu-Maid central vacuum systems are built tough & made to last.  VacuMaid central vacuums are manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. We have been building quality cleaning systems since 1956.  Since the beginning we have constructed our power units from rolled galvannealed steel and now powder coated them for a tough, corrosion-resistant lifetime of use.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

With a VacuMaid® central vacuum system, you have the power and versatility to make your home healthy for you and your family. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “the air inside your home can be even more polluted than the outside air of most industrialized cities.” Since people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, indoor air quality becomes a large issue, especially if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. One way to combat this problem and attack the harmful allergens and irritants is with a central vacuum system.

Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

With 20% of the population affected by allergies or asthma, it is important that you rid your home of these harmful irritants.1  Dustmites, pet dander, dust, mold, and pollen are the leading cause of indoor allergies. Keeping your carpets dry and cleaning your home with a central vacuum system will help rid you of these allergens.
A study conducted by the University of California-Davis School of Medicine2states that use of a central vacuum system can greatly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Nasal symptoms          47% improvement
Sleep symptoms          44% improvement
Eye symptoms              61% improvement

  1. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and d Immunologygy
  2. University of California-Davis School of Medicine (in the article “The Influence of a Central Vacuum System on Quality of Life in Patients with House Dust-Associated Allergic Rhinitis” and published in the Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology, Vol. 11 (4):290-294).

Superior Cleaning Power

Since the central vacuum power unit is located in a closet, the garage or basement and you aren’t having to carry it around while you clean, it can have larger, more powerful motor. The central vacuum allows you to pick up more debris with less hassle than a portable. The 5.1″ motors are the largest motors you will find in most portable vacuums. Normally they are quite smaller.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Sustainable design ensures longer life and less replacement. Quality, durability and repairability, with recycleable materials such as steel bodies and metal motors.


To use, the hose is easily plugged into an inlet valve. Then, all you have to work with is the lightweight hose and the attachment of choice. You don’t have to push or pull around a heavy upright or awkward canister vacuum.

Protect Investment

Don’t waste time and money on other vacuum cleaners when you can have a VacuMaid® central vacuum system easily installed in your new or existing home with no heavy construction or remodeling. Not only does a VacuMaid® central vacuum system add value, but it’s your first line of defense in protecting your investment in your home’s floor covering: rugs, carpet, stone, tile, wood, etc. A VacuMaid® central vacuum system is a surprisingly economical investment that adds permanent value to your home. It is made of tough corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel built to last, making it an excellent selling feature when reselling your home.

Large Dirt Collection & Easy to Maintain

The large dimensions of the dirt canisters allow the vacuum to pick up a lot of debris before it needs emptied. Our DC1240 is a 14” diameter can that can hold up to 38 quarts of dirt and debris. The 12″ dirt cans (DC1200) even hold 27 quarts of debris. With all of this space for dirt collection it could be months before your dirt canister needs emptying. Depending on how often you clean and how much you sweep up with your VacuMaid system will determine the length of time.This picture was taken six months after being installed in an existing home.  Picture courtesy of the Fraser family.


There’s a tool to meet any cleaning need…from electric brushes for carpeted floors to floor brushes for hardwood & tile to dusting brushes & crevice tools for above the floor cleaning; we have what you need.

Proudly Made in America

VacuMaid central vacuums are manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. We have been building quality cleaning systems since 1956. VacuMaid systems are built tough & made to last.

Proudly Made in America