Vacu-Maid -The Silent Partner® S2600

VacuMaid S2600Spec_Sheet

The Silent Partner® S-2600 is a split canister system. This two part system includes the motor, which is housed in a special foam-lined chamber that reduces motor noise coming from the unit power unit and a separate dirt canister, used for dirt collection and filtration.

The split system allows you to hang the dirt canister in an easy-to-service area of your home, while locating the motor unit away from the living environment, such as a garage or basement. The S-2600 uses cyclonic filtration. Once dirt and debris is swept up, it goes into the dirt canister where it swirls around, separating the large debris from the small, allowing the large debris to fall to the bottom of the dirt can while the lighter dirt and dust is vented straight outside of your home.

Vacu-Maid’s cyclonic units also feature a patented Air Channel, which allows a plastic can liner to be used inside the dirt canister, making emptying the can less hassle and less mess. With the Air Channel, you eliminate clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can.

The S-2600 is constructed from rolled galvannealed steel and powder coated for a tough, corrosion-resistant lifetime of use.  As with all Vacu-Maid central vacuum systems, using the S-2600 can help decrease asthma and allergy symptoms by removing dust and allergens from your living areas.

Vacuuming with these central vacuums provides a powerful, efficient cleaning job that will rid your home of these allergy-triggering irritants.

VacuMaid S2600 Features and Benefits:

  • Cyclonic Filtration
  • Patented Air Channel to use liners for emptying the dirt canister more efficiently
  • Dirt Canister with large dirt capacity
  • Muffler Kit to reduce noise level
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Improved Air Quality

Vacu-Maid S-2600 Specifications:

  • Square Footage – 10,000
  • Water Lift – 142
  • CFM – 121
  • Air Watts – 631
  • Max Amps – 13.5
  • Voltage – 120
  • Sound (DB) – 60
  • Dirt Capacity – 27 quarts
  • Muffler – Included
  • Motor – Premier 7.2″ Tangential by-pass
  • Dimensions – 39″H x 14″D
  • Warranty – 5 Years

The above figures are approximate and  for reference only and not intended as a strict guide.


Proudly Made in America

VacuMaid central vacuums are manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. We have been building quality cleaning systems since 1956. VacuMaid systems are built tough & made to last.

Proudly Made in America